WHEN WILL THE SESSION END? Well, last week I mentioned maybe the end of October. That’s what Senate leader Phil Berger said. This week, House Speaker Tim Moore said adjournment at the end of October is highly unlikely. He said the General Assembly will likely need to remain in session through the end of the year to address possible redistricting issues. (According to a report in the News & Observer.) Well, if they’re still in session in December, maybe Santa can speed things along a bit.



This bill passed the Senate last week 44-0 and the House this week 107-3. The bill is one of many that have passed to assure the funding of various agencies since the big budget bill the General Assembly passed earlier this year was vetoed by Governor Cooper. The House successfully voted to override the veto, but the Senate has not yet made the attempt.

One of the provisions in the vetoed budget bill and also in H-100 that was passed this week calls for a study of raising ferry tolls for nonresidents. Again, this is a STUDY of raising tolls for nonresidents, and they must report back to the General Assembly by March 15th of next year.





Newly elected Congressman Greg Murphy was scheduled to be in Pamlico County this week so his District Director, Lindy Robinson, asked on short notice if we could get a few folks to talk about some issues for about 45 minutes. We made arrangements for a meeting at the dock of Endurance Seafood in Oriental. We talked primarily about how the Endangered Species Act is affecting commercial fishing and the H2B Guest Worker problems that primarily affect the crabbing industry in North Carolina. The crabbers told Greg about turtles destroying their crab pots. He also asked about the southern flounder issue, although that’s a state issue.

We appreciate Keith Bruno allowing us to meet at his dock and for Congressman Greg Murphy, Lindy Robinson and Wayne King attending. (Wayne is the Deputy Chief of Staff and District Director for Congressman Mark Meadows, also of North Carolina and Chairman of the Freedom Caucus.)

Also, thanks to Lindy for the photograph.