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Commercial fishermen established the North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc. (NCFA) in 1952 to serve fishing families by advocating for sustainable fisheries, preserving fishing heritage, and promoting wild-caught North Carolina seafood. To achieve this, NCFA participates in every aspect of the fishery management process and actively lobbies both State and Federal policymakers on behalf of North Carolina’s fishing families. More than six decades later, NCFA still believes North Carolina’s fishing industry begins and ends with families – from those who harvest seafood to those who enjoy it.

Maintaining High Standards

Commercial fishing is the 7th most regulated industry in the United States, and North Carolina has one of the nation’s most rigorous legal and regulatory management processes.

Dedicated to Sustainability

North Carolina commercial fishermen are national leaders in bycatch reduction and are dedicated to developing gear and best practices that will preserve our fisheries for generations to come.

Supporting Sound Science

Commercial fishermen in North Carolina actively participate in fisheries management, bringing experience that lends credibility to good science and refutes questionable science.

Always NC Fresh

Always NC Fresh, funded by the North Carolina Commercial Fishing Resource Fund (NCCFRF), works to increase awareness of commercial fishing and fishermen, support existing sustainable fishing practices and help commercial fishermen communicate their contributions – economic, cultural and environmental – to the state and its citizens.

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