Supporting Sound Science

NCFA actively participates in fisheries management, bringing experience that lends credibility to good science and refutes questionable science.

While NCFA is actively involved in solving a variety of complex scientific fishery issues, increasing sustainability and reducing interactions with non-target species are major areas of focus. For managers to consider efforts to reduce these interaction, accepted research must take place showing sound logic and conclusions.

Two very notable examples of where this has been achieved is in our shrimp trawl industry:

  • North Carolina shrimpers and net builders are continually working on ways to harvest shrimp while reducing impacts to non-target species, such as sea turtles. NC commercial fishermen stepped up to help state and federal agencies perfect the first Turtle Excluder Device (TED). This device has been instrumental in the resurgence of sea turtles.
  • Another innovation was designed to exclude finfish, and the study results of this innovation show we have achieved outcomes that far exceed regulatory requirements.

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