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WRITTEN AND CONTRIBUTED BY: EASTON EDWARDS   I recently attended the Marine Fisheries Commission meeting held in New Bern, NC on February 19th & 20th.  Public comments were Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  I sat and listened to individuals rant and rave that gill nets were the evil...

Commercial Fishermen Fund Southern Flounder Satellite Tagging Study

Mike Loeffler netted a southern flounder from a tank and pulled it out of the water where Shelby White and Anne Markwith were waiting with a measuring board. “First, we’ll get a length on her,” said White, and she called out the length of the fish to a nearby technician recording the data. “Then...

Wildlife Commission Proposes Measures That Will Impact Protection of Coastal Fish Habitat and Commercial Fishing

Most North Carolinians realize that there are two agencies that deal with fishing in our state’s waters.  One, the Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC), regulates hunting and freshwater fishing (Inland waters), while the other, the Marine Fisheries Commission (MFC) sets restrictions on fishing in...

STORM-TESTED Keith Bruno of Oriental, NC Pays it Forward

Keith Bruno of Oriental, North Carolina has been blown about, battered, shaped, and made wiser by storms. The brawny fisherman from New York moved south because remnants of Hurricane Floyd washed pesticides – sprayed to combat mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus - into Long Island Sound and killed...

Remembering Tred Barta

  Tred Barta was an avid outdoorsman, he spent the greater part of his life chasing big fish on his boat, Makaira, and hunting wild game with his long bow.  Tred amassed several world records for both bow-hunting and game-fishing in his time, some that still have not been beat to this day....

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