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Life on a Finger Between Two Bays

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Monitoring suspension threatens Neuse River and Pamlico Sound

Suspension of the ModMon monitoring program adds to the list of ecosystem threats to the Neuse & River and Pamlico Sound Nathan Hall Assistant Professor UNC Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences   Hans Paerl Distinguished Professor UNC Chapel Hill Institute of Marine Sciences   At...


    If you follow fisheries management at all, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “tragedy of the commons”. The concept originates from a 1968 article written by Garrett Hardin, which describes the problems that occur when individuals exploit a shared resource to the extent that demand...

More Fertilizer Than Fact

  Written  by: Glenn Skinner   For decades, states from Texas to South Carolina have been portrayed as a sportsman’s paradise for recreational anglers.   Some claim that bans of commercial fishing gears and gamefish bills in these states have created coastal Shangri-La’s where size limits are...


WRITTEN AND CONTRIBUTED BY: EASTON EDWARDS   I recently attended the Marine Fisheries Commission meeting held in New Bern, NC on February 19th & 20th.  Public comments were Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  I sat and listened to individuals rant and rave that gill nets were the evil...

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