A Positive Beginning

A Positive Beginning

Happy New Year! What will 2018 bring for commercial fishermen in our state and nation? We are an optimistic bunch so we remain hopeful that some recent appointments will be an indication of positive change in the way we make our living. Chris Oliver was appointed as...

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

For far too long, North Carolina’s commercial fishermen have been plagued by the never-ending ebbing tide of overregulation. For years, the tide has been blown out from under us by the hot air that spews from the mouths of groups like the Coastal Conservation...

Taking Care of Business: State and Federal

Taking Care of Business: State and Federal

In the mid-90s, NCFA (or me in particular), was criticized by a few state legislators that we were not taking care of business in Raleigh. They told some of our board that it was difficult for them to fight bad legislation on their own without having an “in person”...

Overfishing, Bycatch, and the Tooth Fairy

Overfishing, Bycatch, and the Tooth Fairy

Not to make light of two very serious topics, but these issues are more often twisted and manipulated than just about any other fisheries topic in news and social media. As we move forward into 2018, the NC commercial fishing industry takes these issues very...

Captain’s Spotlight: Wesley Potter

Captain's Stats Name of Boat: H. E. Owner: Wesley Potter Captain: Wesley Potter Homeport: Hobucken, NC Builder: Hubert & Wesley Potter Year: 1995 Length: 25' Hull Material: Fiberglass Beam: 9.5' Draft: 2' Engine: 4BT Cummins Gear: 2:1 Top Speed: 10 Knots Propeller...

Talk on the Dock: Elbert and Sandra Gaskill

“Everything we have, everything we eat, our whole livelihood has come from the water,” Sandy Gaskill observed. She and Elbert grew up together on Harkers Island and have been making a life together for more than fifty years. “We borrowed 1,500 dollars to get started,”...

Tradewinds Print Ad Rates

Tradewinds is a bi-monthly publication owned and published by North Carolina FisheriesAssociation, Inc. (NCFA). The North Carolina Fisheries Association is a non-profit organization based on Families, Heritage, and Seafood.

Commercial fishermen established the North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc. in 1952 to serve fishing families by protecting their heritage and promoting seafood.

Over six decades later, NCFA still believes the commercial fishing industry begins and ends with families – from those who harvest seafood to those who help supply the industries needs and to those who enjoy the harvest. We are committed to presenting an accurate portrait of the industry and the people who sustain it.

Tradewinds Ad Prices are as follows:

Full Page: 8.62 X 11.25 $400.00
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Half Horizontal: 7.375 X 4.75 $250.00
Quarter Page: 3.625 X 4.75 $150.00
Eighth Page: 3.625 X 2.1875 $100.00

The above rates are based per issue. For any additional information or to advertise, call 252-503-8302 or email: Aundrea@ncfish.org or Tradewinds@ncfish.org.

Note: With an Annual Prepaid Ad Commitment there is a 10% discount off the top (excludes Business Directory)



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