The only news from Raleigh to report this week is how the General Assembly is handling the corona virus situation.


Speaker Tim Moore told members and staff in the state House of Representatives on Thursday that all House Oversight, Select, Standing, and Joint Committees would not meet until April 1, 2020, absent an essential purpose approved in advance by his office.


A joint memo released by leadership offices of the General Assembly and the Legislative Services Office further noticed that school group tours of legislative facilities would be discontinued until April 1, 2020, at the earliest.


As of now, the short session is scheduled to begin on April 28th.


Industry Funded Economic Survey:


It is very important that all fishermen fill out this survey and return it. This information is so NC can get an accurate value for our fishing industry. Deadline will be March 20, 2020. If you have not received an economic survey, or have questions, please contact Chris Dumas 910-962-4026 or via email  dumasc@uncw.edu





NCFA Board Meeting

Tuesday, March 17 @11AM

Fairfield Inn by Marriott

2090 W. 15th Street

Washington, NC