From Our Executive Director-Glenn Skinner




The Commission voted to deny the NCWF petition for rulemaking seeking to adopt more restrictions on North Carolina’s shrimp trawl fishery. (


The Commission approved Amendment 2 to the Southern Flounder FMP as recommended by the Division with the exception that they gave the Director flexibility to adjust the season dates as long as they meet the required reductions. (

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The Commission voted to send the Draft Amendment to the Blue Crab FMP out for public comment. (                                          


The MFC will pick a preferred management option for Blue Crabs at their November 2019 Business Meeting and approve final management measures in February 2020.


Spanish Mackerel

There still has not been a response from Secretary Regan in reference to the Spanish Mackerel bycatch request of a 500-pound allowance.


Legislative Update


HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th! May today be your very lucky day!

Nothing new to report on fish stuff from the General Assembly. Yes, they’re still in session with no end in sight.

On Wednesday the NC House passed an override to the Governor’s budget veto. It was not without controversy! The override now rests with the Senate where its future is uncertain. If the Senate votes to override, the budget as passed back in June becomes law. If not, it’s back to the negotiating, or maybe more accurately back, to the finger-pointing.

The General Assembly has another issue other than resolving the budget impasse, and that’s a recent court ruling regarding redistricting. With that and the uncertainty surrounding the budget, it’s impossible to guess when they’ll get out of town.

Although it’s technically possible that the legislators could consider more action on fish-related stuff, it’s very doubtful. With all the acrimony now in the halls of the legislative building, one might get punched if they would even mention fish!


There were two special congressional elections held this week, one for the Third and the other in the Ninth District. Greg Murphy won in the Third and Dan Bishop won in the Ninth. Greg is currently serving in the NC House and Dan in the NC Senate. Congratulations to both men, as well as thanks to all candidates who ran in those elections!