Another very quiet week at the General Assembly with no fish whatsoever on the agenda. Even so, Glenn Skinner and I had a couple of meetings with key members on the Senate and House side to talk about a couple of specific bills and what their fate may be for the rest of the session and what the future holds for fisheries discussions generally.

The budget situation is strange this year with major differences between the Senate and House and most of those key discussions are out of the public eye. Several Senate and House sessions were held with no floor votes on bills and few committee meetings. On the House side many members did not get to Raleigh until Wednesday. Next week will be similar especially with Memorial Day on one end and a state Republican convention on the other. Nonetheless, we will have reinforcements in Raleigh next week as my wife, Pam, will be joining me. Legislators and staff seem to smile more when she’s with me instead of the eye-rolling, “Oh, you again?” treatment when I’m alone.

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Federal Commercial Fishing Regulations are Now Available in the New Fish Rules Commercial App



May 24, 2021

Federal commercial fishing regulations in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic are now available on the free Fish Rules Commercial mobile app. The South Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council have partnered with Fish Rules, LLC to create an app to host up-to-date, accurate commercial regulations. Now available for free in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, this mobile application is ready for download immediately.


The app populates with regulations and updates associated with each federal permit that is relevant to you. The app hosts species specific information including the amount of quota harvested, trip limits, and size limits. The app also hosts information on permit conditions and managed areas.


It’s also important to know that the app will function dockside and offshore when you’re out of cellular range.


Up until now, federal commercial fishing regulations have been hosted in the additional information section of the recreational Fish Rules App. Now that the Fish Rules Commercial App is available, those commercial regulations will be removed from the recreational app. We encourage you to transition to the Fish Rules Commercial App where you’ll find much more information relevant to commercial fishing.

We want to ensure that the Fish Rules Commercial App is as accurate, helpful, and user-friendly as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with questions, comments, and/or suggestions:


South Atlantic Council Contact:                                   Gulf Council Contact:

Cameron Rhodes                                                             Emily Muehlstein

Cameron.rhodes@safmc.net                                           Emily.muehlstein@gulfcouncil.org