DMF Call-in Observer Program Meetings and ASMFC Spring Meeting 


We at NCFA want to emphasize the importance of attending one of the five public outreach meetings about the new automated call-in system that will be used to schedule observer trips in our state anchored gill net fisheries.


Once this new call-in system for the anchored gill net fisheries is in place, the Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) will NO longer be calling individual fishermen to try to set up observer trips. If you want to set anchored gill nets YOU will have to call-in and declare your intent and if chosen to carry an observer, YOU will be responsible for setting up the observer trip. 


From my understanding (this is still a work in progress), the system will work something like this:


If you want to set anchored gill net, you will need to call-in some time the week prior (around Thursday) and declare your intent to set anchored nets the following week. Once all declared trips are called in, the automated system will then contact everyone and let you know whether you will or will not be required to carry an observer. If you are selected to carry an observer, then it will then be your responsibility to communicate with your assigned observer and make sure the scheduled observed trip is completed.


If you are concerned with how this process is going to work, want to know more details, or you want to provide input on what works best for you and your business THIS IS THE TIME to attend these meetings and voice those concerns and ideas. 






All meetings are in person only.




May 1

NCDMF Pamlico District Office 

943 Washington Square Mall

Hwy 17, Washington

6pm – 8pm


May 2

NCDMF Central District Office 

5285 Hwy 70 West,

Morehead City

6pm – 8 pm


May 3

NCDMF Southern District Office

127 Cardinal Drive Ext.,


6pm – 8pm


May 8

NC Cooperative Extension Currituck County Center

120 Community Way,

Barco   6pm – 8pm



May 9

Hatteras Community Building

57689 NC Hwy 12


6pm – 8pm





Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC)


The ASMFC are holding their Spring Meeting, May 1-3, 2023 at the Westin Crystal City, located at 1800 Richmond Highway, Arlington, VA. 


Final agenda is available here: Final Agenda


Registration to listen and give comment online here:


There are many topics and species of importance to NC being discussed at this meeting including but not limited to:


-Consider 2023 Black Drum Benchmark Stock Assessment and Peer Review Report

-Consider Not Conducting 2023 Atlantic Croaker and Spot Traffic Light Analyses 

-Atlantic Striped Bass – Consider Approval of Ocean Commercial Quota Transfers

-Consider Options Paper for Atlantic Bonito and False Albacore Management 

-Update on Follow-up Addendum for the Harvest Control Rule





Thomas Newman

Fisheries Liaison


Happy May Day! Big day in Russia, or at least it used to be for those of us that listened in during the Cold War.

H-544; “Limited Shark Fishing Tournament Moratorium”
There was one fish bill that made it through Marine Resources Committee, then Rules and then passed on the floor of the House. H-544 would limit shark fishing from Carolina Beach, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Kure Beach, Oak Island, Ocean Isle Beach Sunset Beach or Bald Head Island. The purpose is to address tourism concerns from May 1 to October 31, and would be effective July 1, 2023.

The bill passed the House 113-0.


H-655; “Coastal Fisheries Licensing Reforms”.

There’s been considerable interest in this bill that was mentioned in last week’s update.  As noted, we were not consulted and are opposed to the bill. Glenn & I met last week with the primary sponsor and he was made aware of quite a few points that he did not know. I met with one of the other sponsors of the bill as well as our coastal folks. I was told by one legislator of getting many calls from both rec and comm and all are opposed. Some of the rec folks think the commercial guys are the ones pushing it!

If any of y’all hear or see any comments that try to pin that bill on NCFA or any commercial entity, please let us know so we can set it straight.

This will be another busy week as Thursday is the crossover deadline where many bills must get passed by the Senate or the House or die for this session.

God bless,




Release: Immediate

Contact: Patricia Smith

Date: May 1, 2023

Phone: 252-726-7021


Division of Marine Fisheries seeks striped mullet advisors


MOREHEAD CITY – The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries is looking for commercial and recreational fishermen, scientists, and other interested parties to sit on the Striped Mullet Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committee.


The committee will assist the division in developing Amendment 2 to the N.C. Striped Mullet Fishery Management Plan. The division will hold an in-person workshop-style meeting that will allow scientists, managers, and stakeholders to collaborate on drafting potential striped mullet management measures in a more effective and less formal setting than traditional meetings.


The division is looking for individuals with expertise in striped mullet fisheries. Commercial and recreational fishermen from all coastal regions are desired. The division would also like to include on the advisory committee scientists as well as individuals or non-governmental organizations willing to discuss stakeholder interests and concerns.


To be qualified to serve on the committee, applicants may not have had a significant fisheries violation within the past three years.


Interested individuals must be available to attend and actively participate in the workshop over several days the week of July 24, 2023. The workshop will take place during normal business hours, tentatively in New Bern. Participation includes reviewing documents to provide input to the division for consideration to refine management options in draft Amendment 2.


Advisers who complete the necessary paperwork will be reimbursed for expenses incurred in relation to their official duties.


Applications are available online here, at Division of Marine Fisheries offices, or by calling 252-808-8022 or 800-682-2632. Applications should be returned by May 19, 2023 by email to or by mail to N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries, P.O. Box 769, Morehead City, N.C. 28557, Attention: Paula Farnell.


If you have questions, contact the Fishery Management Plan Coordinator, Corrin Flora, at or 252-808-8014 or Paula Farnell at 252-808-8022.





P.O. Box 769, 3441 Arendell St., Morehead City N.C. 28577