As noted previously, no legislative committees will meet through March. The first of April, leadership will reassess and provide an update. As of now, the short session is scheduled to begin April 28th.


Speaker Moore did appoint over half the membership of the House to the House Select Committee on Covid-19. The coast is well represented with the following being appointed:
Representatives Grange, Hanig, Kidwell, McElraft, Shepard, Carson Smith and Michael Speciale.


As noted on Facebook and previous messages, we have made the General Assembly aware of the extreme effects these emergency measures are having on seafood markets and every level of our industry.


God bless,



NCFA is working diligently with NC lawmakers concerning the impacts of COVID-19 on the NC Fishing Industry.  The following letter was sent to all NC Representatives, as well as Representatives in Washington, DC.


NC Fishermen Feeling Impacts of COVID-19 Coronavirus

The precautionary closures in response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak are already having significant impacts on North Carolinas Charter/For-Hire and Commercial Fishing Fleets.


North Carolinas For-Hire Captains are feeling the pinch as clients are canceling trips at an alarming rate.


As restaurants and retailers close across the country, markets for FRESH NC SEAFOOD are quickly drying up.  Seafood harvesters, wholesalers, retailers and processors are currently operating their businesses at a fraction of their normal production or in many cases, closed for business.


Like many small businesses, fishermen do not get payed when they’re not working, and there is no sick leave or payed vacation time to fall back on.


While it is too early to predict any long-term impacts, the pandemic may have on North Carolinas fishing industry, the current situation is concerning to say the least.


The North Carolina Fisheries Association recognizes that our membership is a small percentage of the millions of Americans feeling the impacts of the COVID-19 Coronavirus which is why we feel it’s necessary to make sure NC Fishermen are not forgotten as lawmakers attempt to assess the impacts of this unprecedented event.



John Glenn Skinner, Jr.

North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc.

Executive Director

Mobile: 252-646-7742



Industry Funded Economic Survey:


It is very important that all fishermen fill out this survey and return it. This information is so NC can get an accurate value for our fishing industry. Deadline will be extended until April 30, 2020 due to the delays from COVID-19 coronavirus. If you have not received an economic survey, or need a replacement survey, please contact Chris Dumas 910-962-4026 or via email  dumasc@uncw.edu   (To be eligible for the survey, a fisherman needs to have had (1) a commercial fishing license in 2019, and (2) trip ticket sales in 2019.