Eastern Oyster Amendment 5 and Hard Clam Amendment 3


The Oyster and Clam Advisory Committee (AC) will meet July 15-17 at Craven Community College in New Bern to assist the NC Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF) staff in developing management issues and options in the draft fishery management plans (FMP) for wild oyster and clam harvest. 


Time: Monday, July 15th – Wednesday, July 17th



Craven Community College

Student Center 

800 College Court, New Bern

Naumann Community Room, Room 115


Workshop Agenda


Important to note: these amendments will not look into aquaculture, only mechanical and hand harvest of wild caught oysters and clams. 


Although public comment will not be taken at this meeting, the public is encouraged to attend and talk with DMF staff and AC members during meeting breaks.



Management options being discussed for commercial oyster harvest include: 


-Status quo


-Closing large areas of the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers and the Western Pamlico Sound to create “Deep Water Reef Conservation Areas” (maps can be found in Pamlico Sound Oyster Mechanical Harvest Management)


-Creating rotational opening planted clutch sites; closed 3 years, then open for 1 year


-Using a new approach to determine season length by sampling percentage before the mechanical oyster season begins; instead of the current in season sampling program



Management options being discussed for commercial clam harvest:


-Status quo


-Further limiting mechanical claim harvest areas to protect habitat (maps can be found in Mechanical Clam Harvest)


-Phase out mechanical clam harvest



Management options being discussed for recreational shellfish harvest:


-Status quo


-Support the NCDMF to further explore all potential options and develop a solution to quantify recreational shellfish harvest participation and landings outside the FMP process (details in Recreational Harvest)



We are still early in the process. Now is the best time to get involved!


Additional documents:

Draft Hard Clam Base Plan

Draft Oyster Base Plan

Intertidal Oyster Commercial Harvest Management

Habitat Enhancement Programs

Clam Regulations in Other States

Oyster Regulations in Other States


If you have any questions or concerns, especially on wild oyster and clam harvest, please reach out.


Thomas Newman

Fisheries Liaison 





Well, the General Assembly is finished for the short session. For now. The Senate and House have not agreed on the budget so at some point may be coming back for unfinished business. Or maybe not.

We have been corresponding with legislators about the fisheries management process, especially as it relates to the current situation regarding southern flounder and upcoming mandatory reporting issues. We are expecting some interesting conversations in the General Assembly for the long session next year.


I’m sure everyone has heard about the Supreme Court decision last week about “Chevron Deference” case. It was a huge victory for the fishing industry for sure, but also for all businesses regulated by the federal government. While very pleased with the decision, we will provide an assessment of the practical meaning to the fishing industry next week.

God bless,