The Senate and House go into session at noon on Tuesday, January 14th. This special session isn’t expected to last long with the main issue being possible override of some of the bills vetoed by Governor Cooper. The “short session” will begin sometime in April/May.


NCFA will be making a trip to Washington DC in the upcoming weeks. We’ll be meeting with our congressional delegation and staffs about specific federal fisheries issues and the H-2B guest worker program.


Listed below are some of the races for North Carolina Senate and House for the primary. Only those of particular interest to the fishing industry are shown. This list is not inclusive with all candidates, but is meant to give you an idea of what to expect in the primary, which will be held on March 3rd. More detailed information will be noted in the upcoming weeks, including candidate forums and/or meet and greet.



District:             Candidate       

1             Bob Steinburg; unopposed in the    primary
2             Norman Sanderson; unopposed in the primary
6             Harry Brown is NOT running in 2020.
7             Jim Perry has a primary with Billy Strickland
8             Bill Rabon; unopposed in the primary
9             Harper Peterson is unopposed in the primary as is his opponent Mike Lee who was defeated by Peterson in 2018
10           Brent Jackson; unopposed in the primary
26           Jerry Tillman; unopposed in the primary
33           Carl Ford; unopposed in the primary



District:            Candidate

1             Ed Goodwin; unopposed in the primary
2             Larry Yarborough; unopposed in the primary
3             Michael Speciale is NOT running in 2020. In the Republican primary are: Jim Kohr, Eric Queen, Guy Smith &    Steve Tyson
4             Jimmy Dixon; unopposed in the primary
5             Howard Hunter has primary opposition in the Democrat primary by Keith Rivers
6             Bobby Hanig has a primary by Rob Rollason
10           John Bell; unopposed in the primary
12           Chris Humphrey; unopposed in the primary
13           Pat McElraft; unopposed in the primary
14           George Cleveland has a primary with Cindy Edwards
15           Phil Shepard has a primary with Mark Price
16           Carson Smith; unopposed in the primary
17           Frank Iler; unopposed in the primary
18           Deb Butler; unopposed in the primary
19           Open Seat; both Democrats & Republicans have contested primaries
20           Ted Davis has a primary with David Perry
79           Keith Kidwell; unopposed in the primary
83           Larry Pittman has a primary with Jay White



NCFA would like to extend our condolences to the Gibbs family as well as the families of Keyron Davis and Sammy Douglas for their loss.  Our prayers are for peace and comfort during your time of sorrow.


 “Back in the mid-90s, the Pamlico Auxiliary of the NC Fisheries Association took a bus trip to Washington DC to meet with our congressional folks and their staffs. One of the folks that made the trip was Floyd, (F.G)., Gibbs, the Captain of the fishing vessel, Papa’s Girl. The picture attached was taken at a rally on the Capitol lawn as part of the Fly-In sponsored by the Alliance for America.” -Jerry Schill