The Presidential election has yet to be certified so we just wait to see how the dust settles in the courts.

Nothing much to report at the state level, the most important being for North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice. The recount has been finished and Justice Newby still leads Chief Justice Cheri Beasley by over 400 votes. However, her campaign has called for a “hand-to-eye” recount, which is a second recount in a sample of precincts according to state law. If this random sample of three percent of precincts in each county of the state yields a result that could change the overall outcome of the race, then a statewide hand-to-eye recount could be ordered by the State Board of Elections. This means an ultimate and official result in this race could be weeks in coming.

God bless,


The first weekend of December has been Decoy Weekend on Harkers Island for 33 years.  It will be this year too!

Even though Covid has caused the Festival at Harkers Island School to be cancelled, DECOYS will still be front and center all over Harkers Island during the weekend of Dec 4-6.

The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center’s sister event, WATERFOWL WEEKEND will continue with decoy carvers, collectors, artists and crafters tail-gating on the grounds surrounding the Museum on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.  Many of the festival’s favorite carvers will be tailgating at the Museum this year, continuing the traditions that now stretches across generations.

“The best part of the whole weekend to me (and I suspect for many others) has always been about seeing old friends. I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be, or anything else I’d rather do, than spend a little time with like-minded folks enjoying the time-honored tradition of waterfowling on Core Sound,” Corey Lawrence, carver, artist and Museum board vice-president reflected.

The Carolina Decoy Collectors Association will bring their exhibition and competition for vintage North Carolina decoys to the Museum starting Friday evening, with old “old-bird” dealers on hand to sell, swap and trade! 

Core Sound Museum’s 2020 Heritage Auction will be online with the decoys on display at the Museum throughout the weekend.  The working decoys of Henry Murphy, Ammie Paul, Elmer Salter, Eldon Willis, Julian Hamilton, Judge Lambert Morris and many other Core Sound’s finest carvers will be there!

The Museum will host for the first-time ever a Gallery of Trees celebrating the traditions, communities and special events of our region with beautiful decorated crab pot trees nestled in the Museum exhibitions that have been in storage for two years while the Museum rebuilt after Hurricane Florence.

The Store at the Museum will be located inside and out featuring crab pot trees, Christmas collectibles and the amazing Island Anchor that has become a new Christmas must-have!  The Core Sound Quilters will be drawing for their 2020 creation, “A New Day,” and the food will be as good as ever!  Scallop fritters, fried shrimp and sweet puppies …

Corey continued, “I envision this year as a tailgating party will be somewhat different than years before, but improvising is one of the truest and most defining traits of a Core Sounder, so we’ll do the best we can. It seems 2020 has taken so much away from us I’m not ready to let it take the best weekend of our whole year away.”

The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum & Heritage Center is located at 1785 Island Road on Harkers Island.  The Core Sound Museum Store has its Downtown location at 806 Arendell Street in Morehead City.  During the Weekend as with all Museum activities, all Covid-19 precautions will be in-place to protect the safety of all who participate and in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

For more information about Core Sound’s CORE SOUND CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS, please check coresound.com or call 252.728.1500.