Hurricane Laura

By Brent Fulcher

September 14, 2020

by Brent Fulcher

The North Carolina Fisheries Association is in the process of compiling relief supplies, including seafood, for the Gulf areas affected by Hurricane Laura. The easy part is getting the donated stuff, but the logistics can be a nightmare, especially with challenges like lack of electricity, phones, water and closed roads. We can’t head down that way without knowing what organization is expecting it and exactly where it’s located. It’s a given that storm ravaged areas need ice! With the lack of refrigeration, they need ice for their coolers to avoid spoilage. We have bulk ice making capabilities right here in North Carolina, but it doesn’t make sense to truck it a thousand miles if ice plants much closer can provide.

This effort is being headed up by Doug Cross of Pamlico Packing and we appreciate him stepping up so we help those in need. Others are involved but we’ll wait to thank them all later.

The commercial fishing industry has always been willing to lend a hand when disaster strikes. Food is very important of course, but these things usually happen when it’s hot so ice is one of most needed items needed. Many seafood packing companies can make ice by the tons and are able to transport via refrigerated rigs. Sometimes it’s needed in the Carolinas, but this time it’s in the Gulf of Mexico area.

We’re pleased that we’re able to help with relief supplies and our prayers.


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