May 23rd is Seafood Lobby Day in Raleigh…You Should Be There!

by Brent Fulcher, Chairman

If you’re involved in any way with commercial fishing, Wednesday, May 23rd, may be the most important day of your life! I strongly encourage you to plan on being in Raleigh that day!

There will be several things going on that day, starting with a rally, demonstrating, hearing from legislators, talking to legislators while making individual visits to legislative offices and a seafood reception for legislators and their staffs and other dignitaries.

We begin with a rally on the south side of the Capitol. We will hear a few speakers and get instructions and talking points for visiting with our legislators or picketing the Governor’s office. You will have the opportunity to visit your own House and Senate members first, and will have a list of other legislators to visit. You will have an opportunity to sit in the Senate and House galleries if you want.

After a full day, we will have the Annual Fish Fry & Seafood Sampler, also known as the Legislative Seafood Reception in north Raleigh. It’s a very popular event that was started by North Carolina Watermen United. Several years ago, they invited NCFA to participate so the two organizations are the primary sponsors donating seafood, volunteers and whatever it takes to put on a top class evening that the legislators and their staffs truly enjoy.

It’s a full day with a rally, picketing, legislative visits and legislative reception. You can just come for part or stay the entire day. For those who would like to stay overnight, we have a room block for the evening of May 22nd and/or May 23rd.

If you are in any way associated with commercial fishing, there are two primary reasons why you and your family should be in Raleigh on May 23rd:

  • To make your presence and views known to North Carolina Senate and House members, and let the general public and the media know that you care about your future;
  • To thank our many friends in the General Assembly for the past support. Remember, if the legislators from the coast to the mountains of North Carolina didn’t think commercial fishing was important, we all would have been gone long ago!

Sure it’s important to complain when we need to. It’s also equally important to thank when appropriate!

If you have any questions about any of the events for Seafood Lobby Day, please call Aundrea at the office.




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