What is the Health of North Carolina Fish Stocks?

What is the Health of North Carolina Fish Stocks?

Are our fish stocks “dwindling”, as some groups claim? Is drastic action needed to “bring our fish populations back?” Let’s take a closer look at how fisheries are regulated, the science behind stock assessments and management plans, and review the latest reports on the health of North Carolina’s fish stocks.

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The Internet

The Internet

The internet can be a very enlightening tool at times. But be diligent, and do your homework.



What the heck happened? I’m writing an article from an old guy’s perspective! How could that be?

What’s a Pound Net?

What’s a Pound Net?

Pound nets have been used in North Carolina for hundreds of years. Learn how they work, their history, and how to spot one.

Captain’s Spotlight: Troy Outland, Sr.

I am a 3rd generation fisherman and I pound net out of Mann’s Harbor, NC. My son and oldest grandson fish with me now that they have both served their time in the United States Marine Corps. My son also has his own crabbing operation. I can remember hanging out at our...

Talk on the Dock: Commercial Fisherman Lauren Rimmer, a True Survivor!

“Lauren, your mouth is going to get you killed. That’s what my mother tells me!” Indeed, 35-year old single mother Lauren Rimmer does not hold back when defending her livelihood as a commercial fisherman. Hailing from Beaufort, NC, Lauren recently went to Raleigh with...

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